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MSL-1318 с излучателем GSI 200W (Англия)

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MSL-1318 with GSI 200W


Technical Parameters:

  • Model: MSL-1318GSI

  • Working area: 1300mm x 1800mm

  • Laser tube: 200W ( Famous GSI brand CO2 laser, made in UK)

  • Ball screws transmission

  • Servo motors imported from Japan

  • Cutting speed: 0-50000mm/min

  • Repeating location: ≤±0.01

  • Supported graphic format: PLT, AI, DST, DXF ,etc.

  • Supported software: CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Lasercut 5.3, etc.

  • Communication connection: USB

  • Working voltage: 220V or 110V, 50Hz~60Hz

  • Working table: blade worktable


Excellent GSI 200W laser with unparalleled beam quality, efficiency and longevity .



  • The maximum output power is 220W-240W at 10.6μm TEM

  • Excellent beam quality at all power levels

  • High stability laser output

  • Typical lifetimes in excess of 15,000 hours

  • Proven difusion cooled designs

  • Sealed units needing no gas supply

  • Long life high vacuum technology

  • Unique beam proiles available from dual-tube beam combining technology

  • Available as laser tube only or fully cased systems


High efficiency and multifunctional water chiller.

  • Using the high-voltage electrostatic spray processing with a character of elegant chic and durability.

  • Adopt imported high-quality stainless steel cold-water circulating pump with large flow, high lift, low noise, long life; Stainless steel water tanks and piping as well as stainless steel and brass valves will never have the risk of rusty.

  • Control precision is ± 0.1℃; It has fault-wide automatic diagnosis function, points of failure appears directly on the screen. It prompts user to quickly check the faults. Failure phenomenon could be transmitted directly through the data line to the machine tool numerical control system avoiding the damage of machine and processing of scrap pieces.

Ball screws transmission (with higher precision and stability than belt transmission)

Japan servo motors (improve the cutting speed)

Lens (USA II-VI Brand) and mirrors


Linear rail from Taiwan 

Laser head


Exhaust fan (absorbs away cutting dust and smokes away.)



DSP off-line USB controlling board (enables the machine works without connecting to a computer.)


Control system                                                                                                            Leetro control board front

control panel

Laser Cutting Samples


2mm steel cutting












16mm. MDF cutting                                                                                 35mm Acrilyc cutting